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Originally Posted by scc View Post
Drifter, you missed my point. If Gandhi was advocating peaceful methods when he was killed by some unknown third party, these peaceful methods might not see a 100% take up, groups will try using them, only to lash out when attacked, which could cause lots of problems for the US.
By 1933 Gandhi already had a large body of work that many people would continue to use. Many of his ideas where already present in the cultures of Britain and India, so they have to be dealt with to get to the point of violent groups. Maybe I shouldn't have said anti-Gandhi but a Twisted Gandhi, someone who took his organization of disobedience but warps it into a violent reaction. Not even warped - tradition Eastern martial arts are violent and designed to hurt people, but should be used only in self defense. Uncivil Disobedience could follow that tactic.

Originally Posted by oldgringo2001 View Post
Gee, I thought Jesus and Buddha were pretty big names. Christian pacifism is a very old American tradition. It was a big factor in the Abolition movement of the 19th century, the Populist and Progressive movements, and the Prohibition movement, and, of course, the Civil Rights movement.
Big names but with lousy spokesmen. Gandhi was THE big advocate of pacifism, and taught how to make it actually work instead of just not fighting back when Da Man stomped you. Abolitionist-style pacifism in the West still works (in this alternate) but without Gandhi, or a relaunched Swaraj that centers of personal independence through violence, its not a driving force in this world.

Originally Posted by scc View Post
New idea: Second Amendment one or another American president turns the tables on the militias and other gun owning groups, in accordance with the Second Amendment they MUST submit the government regulation or be disbanded
Possible. Gun control started with NRA support in the 30s. It was a reaction to the Civil Rights movement in the 60s that gun control became codified - to some small extent (no hate-mail please). It wasn't until the 70s it took the political focus it does today. So if you see increased violence starting in the 50s, an increasingly dictatorial government might use it to enforce a militia requirement.

Remember Randyman that current ideas on gun control and the NRA are relatively recent.
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