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Originally Posted by Randyman View Post
There were civil rights groups and demonstrations outside of the American South, too. (c.f. Chicago, "The city that broke Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.") Did these not survive the crackdowns, or did the initial crackdowns prevent their formation/occurrence?
I'm thinking survived, but suffering huge reversals. The backlash was strong enough in Homeline, in this one with a violent Civil Rights movement, with people like Martin Luther King Jr. sidelined as ineffectual, liberal politicians would be less inclined to openly support such groups. They might not be completely destroyed, but it would be more like the Resistance movement in France during WWII - underground cells striking targets of opportunity.

MLK Jr. might be this timelines Gandhi.

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
It can continue on a late nineteenth-century scale with coal-fired steam ships. Even sail for stuff that isn't time-critical.
I was just thinking short term. Even if the ports and ships aren't destroyed, the economic collapse caused by the interruption of trade would dry up the markets for a decade or more. By then either the oil is flowing again out of new sources (Alaska, Texas, Venezuela) or coal-fired ships reconstruct the industry. If the war took place in 1967, its probably not until the early 80s you see steam traders.

I kind of like a war where the major oil fields are nuked. You still have the North Sea I guess, but taking most of the oil out of the picture for decades gives a gritty feel for a modern setting.
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