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Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
The very first Oz book features a character straight up dying. There's no death in Wonderland.
Of course, where the Oz stories start getting REALLY creepy, if you think about it too much, is in later books when they establish that folks in Oz DON'T matter what happens to them.

My point, though, was that the Oz books were not MEANT to be "edgy" any more than the Wonderland ones were, at least not as I read them. So it didn't seem to me like a regular Munchkin Wonderland game would be much more of a stretch.

But really, at some point you've got to stop making new versions that really attract me, right? I can't keep buying new versions of Munchkin forever, can I? I barely get to play some of the ones I have NOW. ;-)
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