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Default Flight Skills

Am I correct in interpreting the piloting skill specializations do not care about the design/shape of the airframe, just the lift mechanism, environment, and speed/acceleration?

For example, a winged, species-compatible battlesuit that flies at 300 mph in atmosphere only would still use Light Airplane, correct?

My other thought, is there a formal way to limit the scope of a specialization like you can with ads/disads and similar? In the above example, how do I prevent that character from being able to sit behind the yoke of a Cessna and fly it? I'm leaning towards just good old-fashioned common sense and saying they're not the same thing. I know I can create other specializations (I tend to avoid that if possible, though). I just want to make sure I'm not missing any other tools at my disposal. Ads/Disads get discussed a lot, I haven't seen much on skills.
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