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Originally Posted by Stoob View Post
Captain-Captain, I'm not sure I follow what "base" is in the filename. I only know that as of the more recent versions of the GCA program, the file extension is: .gca4

The website only allows a file type with the extension .gca4 to be uploaded in the GCA4 spot. I haven't heard any other problems regarding uploading. If there is some other kind of file extension that is a valid GCA file, let me know, but I haven't heard of any.

If you could explain more, send me a PM. Thanks.
I don't know what Captain-Captain may be encountering, but .gca4base *is* a valid type of GCA4 character file. It's actually a standard character file, but is intended as more of a "base" character from which you'd expand and complete things--a lot like a base character template of sorts. GCA opens a file with the .gca4base extension as a new character containing all the info from the file, and would later prompt for a new file name when saving it.

So, there's that.

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