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Default Re: Fantasy Setting for GURPS

Originally Posted by chimchim View Post
partly because D&D is a single genre game with very tight in game assumptions where as gurps is a generic game with many genres and near unlimited assumptions. Thus publishing adventures is much harder for gurps. The small size of the gurps fan base and its fragmented nature make for tiny returns on published adventures for the auther as well as for SJG hence less incentive to send them in.
Sure - this is exactly what I meant in my first post when I mentioned, "I fully understand the difficulties in doing this (both as a business venture and as a vehicle for GURPS in particular)..." Trooper6 replied that we have Pyramid, which is apparently willing to consider adventures even in the face of such difficulties as you enumerate.

So why aren't they tripping over huge piles of adventure submissions?

Bill brings up the excellent point of adventures designed around specific characters (although I'd point out that plenty of adventures published back in the day included sample characters). I'd also mention that such an adventure would be great for someone looking for something to run as a sample at a store, or to introduce a group to GURPS.

He also mentions "the consequences of their past actions," which I admit I don't see a way around, except the dreaded railroading.
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