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Default Re: Fantasy Setting for GURPS

What I'd like to see: Dungeon Magazine for GURPS.

For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, Dungeon was a TSR* magazine that contained freelancer-authored adventures. The adventures were occasionally tied to a particular setting, but often were not. They contained just enough setting to assist with placing them on a game world, making them pretty "pluggable," at least within the confines of a typical AD&D/d20 game. Quality was varying of course, but usually at least on par with "official" adventures published at that time.

I fully understand the difficulties in doing this (both as a business venture and as a vehicle for GURPS in particular), and do not expect to see it. But part of me still remembers back to being a teenager, and the awesome feeling of getting that magazine in the mail every month...

I would happily subscribe to such a thing for GURPS, even if every adventure was prefaced with a "settings" section, detailing which optional bits of GURPS are best considered "on" for the particular adventure - which would be handy for GMs who want to integrate it into their own world.

I don't need (another) detailed fantasy setting for GURPS. In all likelihood, the author will use optional bits I don't want anyway. Give me a broad swath of adventures that I could drop into any reasonably-familiar fantasy setting. Sure, some of those wouldn't be usable... but some would be, and I could steal cool ideas from those I couldn't use directly.

I know I could just use published AD&D/d20 adventures and convert. I could also grow my own food, repair my car and house myself, etc.

I would add that for such a thing to work, a (ahem) Manual of Monstrosities is almost a necessity. Perhaps such a tome could be fan-driven, like Villains and Who's Who were.

* My understanding is that after TSR, Dungeon was farmed out to Paizo, then lately either went in-house (and online only) or died entirely (I'm not sure which).
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