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Default Re: Magic items made from Great Red Dragon's corpse

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Heh. I have an aerodynamics calculation program I wrote a while back. Assuming a 200m wingspan and making a whole bunch of assumptions about lift and drag (I'm treating it as a 200m wingspan with an aspect ratio of 8 and a drag coefficient (aircraft-style) of 0.025,) with a maximum lift coefficient of 2), I get:
Stall: 45 m/s (100 mph); requires 56 MW
Loiter Speed (least power): 55 m/s (120 mph); requires 53 MW.
Cruise Speed (least energy/distance): 73 m/s (160 mph); requires 60 MW
Lift/Drag ratio: 15
Hover (non-stall, using a helicopter approximation): 120 MW; downdraft 18 m/s.
The actual dragon had a Max Speed of around 120 mph. Would have been 160 mph if he hadn't been clumsy and stiff from his long sleep.
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