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Default Re: Magic items made from Great Red Dragon's corpse

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Actually, have a look at Chinese traditional medicine. Food, even "normal" food rife with symbolism, has all kinds of (basically) alchemical properties. Not always on the like-affects-like principle either.
Indeed, sir, I stand corrected. Forgive my occidentocentric assumptions! All your suggestions make good sense, although some seem more 'old home remedy' than 'industrial alchemy.'

"It's all in the scale-up," as an old PI of mine used to say...

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Boil down its cartilage to make the worlds most terrifying aspic. With a whole pig suspended in it, symbolically consumed by the dragon. Less... picturesquely, the gelatin might end up more like synthetic rubber, making it potentially useful for power transmission in that airship your players are interested in.
Dragon aspic with a whole roast boar inside it would be a POTENT dish. Great image...
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