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Default Re: List of all promo cards

Originally Posted by sain9510 View Post
Haha fair enough! Did warehouse23 send it with an order then?
For the most part, I hear about promo cards from various sources on Twitter (SJ Games, Andrew Hackard, Phil Reed, John Kovalic, convention posts, etc). I also follow all of the guest artists' twitter pages and licensed-partner pages (USApology, Fireside Games, etc). Also, Cloewe's facebook page is a great resource as well... he beats me to the punch about half of the time (he's good, lol).

Sometimes I find cards on eBay I've never heard of, so that becomes a resource (particularly for bookmarks)... and then sometimes I get a new card from W23 that came with an order.

This particular card is a one-time-unique exception. It was sent to me from a friend lol :)

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