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Technological progress is related to economics. A great deal of 20th century technological progress involved putting the real economy ahead of the paper economy. If the financial interests are forced to take a back seat again, as in the 1940-1975 period, then rapid progress would be the norm again.
Yeah, but is that chicken or egg? More likely finance took a back seat in 1940-1975 because technology was progressing rapidly (and the world wars). I say that not to start a debate about today but to make the point that you might need to reverse the relationship for THS 2120 to make sense.

If you want THS 2120 to look seriously different than THS2100, you need one or both of two things: a change in the basic kind of technological advancement, not just a speed-up, and/or a major political/social/cultural upheaval. A major System-wide war would do it, something serious, not just Pacific War II. So would scientific breakthroughs leading to new areas of advancement (and the two could easily come together, one triggering the other).

But if 20 years just means faster computers and so forth, not too much will be different.
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