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Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
I'm pretty sure that THS diverged from our timeline earlier than in the 2000s, since it needed some preconditions for the very rapid space race. But from that divergence point, N+20 years of development offers better tech than N+0.

Plus it's just very annoying that a setting that calls itself Transhuman Space lacks such a basic non-TL^, mere TL9 technology despite being closer to TL10 than 9 in general.
HEDM was not a thing in 3e. TL9 or otherwise. Complaints that TS doesn't ft a 4e tech projection are anachronistic.

As for the Real world, the last I heard there may, just _may_ be a sample of stabilized metallic hydrogen in a cryostat awaiting analysis. That was a couple of months ago. We can't et say whether or not this will ever be an important technology.
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