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Default Re: Lifepaths in Faaantasy!!!

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Something to watch out for is that the Central Casting books (at least earlier printings, don't know about reprints) are artifacts of the culture of their era, and the author at the time had some very firm Opinions. They include a screed in the introduction that sets those Opinions down which I'd recommend reading just so you understand where the book stands and don't stumble face-first into it.
I don't think there's such a screed in the fantasy one, and regardless, I think it's pretty safe to say the author has renounced that anyways. I think it was the sci-fi one that was especially amusing because it had part of the exotic personality table replaced with a screed that was basically saying the world is sick.

Feel free to override things with it. I find that really weird circumstances of birth comes up way too often for my tastes, for example. I use table 114B a lot for NPCs.
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