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Default Re: Starting to Play Car Wars

I am a new car wars player only discovered and read through the car wars classic rules last week. I have played 2 games so far. Both were with my 10-year old little brother. I turned to it because I had an idea for running a roleplaying game about mountain pass racing wizards and stumbled across car wars. I think that I need to play a lot of games before I can run something like that.

What aspects of the game are difficult to me?

Collisions are difficult to resolve. If my car skids the rules don't say what direction. Also I don't understand conforming that well. If two identical cars sideswipe at the same speed which car conforms?

The biggest misunderstanding I had was how handling class worked. I thought handling class was the highest handling status a car could get. I also ran both my games where only 1 handling class was restored a second because I misread the rules the first time through.

What type of games do I like to play most often? The only type of game I have played was a 1v1 race starting side by side at 0mph with killer karts on a two car width wide track with 5 right angle turns and 3 U-turns.

I am planning on more races and a few Amateur night games over Christmas. I also found a few people who were interested in playing next semester. I made a few courses fairly quickly and I am hoping to translate some real mountain roads to 1 inch scale.

What types of play aids do I need to understand the game better and make it easier to play?
I printed out the tables and car options in Car Wars Classic. I also have some turning keys. I don't really know what other aids would be useful yet.
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