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Lady Bearington. The PC's find a fair damsel in the dungeon and rescue her, but don't trust her for all the usual reasons. However she is a big, strong girl under her fancy princess clothes and surprisingly helpful in combat. Will they overcome their suspicion and let her join the group? In any case, Lady Bearington is actually an intelligent bear with disguise and acting skills in the 30-40 range, impersonating a human for purposes of her own. She's not hostile to the PCs, but if they blow her cover she'll be beary angry.

PanserBjorn. This dungeon is run by an evil dwarf druid. Instead of orc guards, he uses awakened bears in heavy armor. Good luck delvers!

Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere. Homogeneous Bear Monks with Super Jump. Delcious Homogeneous Bear Monks with Super Jump.
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