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Originally Posted by Blue Ghost View Post
I think the best way to learn is to just do as the rules recommend. Start off with the first basic road scenario, and build from there to familiarize yourself with the rules. It's what we did.
Agreed. Kind of like Battletech, there are so many layers to Car Wars that if you try to go too deep too fast, it's going to be a super-frustrating experience. Do a basic highway scenario, take a couple premades into an arena [though I tend to prefer something a step up from Killer Kart...a front-mounted gun exclusively means lots of opportunities for a player to become disinterested while they spend turn after turn trying to line up a shot]

Originally Posted by Magesmiley View Post
Rainbow Bay has the problem with turn keys big time. I don't even put them out, and instead just use the sticks I've made up. I've been considering another solution though to the tight corner problem: in theory, it should be possible to make some sticks to work with the outside edge of a turning car.

It's also worth noting that the upcoming 6th edition's turn gages work differently than the keys. Based on my understanding, they'll perform in tight spaces like the sticks that Andy and I use. They might be a bit better though - I *think* though that they could be used in a two-step process on the outside of the car to do turns.

(And keep in mind that with the Classic game, it's still possible to make maneuvers without a key too.)
Could I bug you for pictures of your current sticks? Here, e-mail, wherever. The ones I used in the fall are technically outside-edge sticks...they work rather nicely, but because I did 'front end here, then back end here' (instead of back-end here, then front end there), they were a little small. The 15 degree especially proved to be kind of a pain to hold still while repositioning the car, but the nice thing is with a slight modification they'll prove really easy to 'read'.
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