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Default Re: [RPM] Mind Control

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
But Slave Mentality doesn't actually force you to obey them either.
It kind of does, actually - it makes you automatically fail rolls to resist social influence (except when the GM decides "success might be possible", which is undefined, but still imposes a -6), so anyone who uses social influence can basically tell you what to do. It's a little unclear if, in cases of Quick Contests, which most social influence rolls are, "always fails" means "always has a margin of failure greater than the opponent" or something a bit more lenient like "fails with a margin of failure of 1", but regardless, anyone even basically competent at social influence can generally get someone with Slave Mentality to do what they want.

Personally, I lean towards the "always fails quick contests with a margin of 1" interpretation, because that means someone with Slave Mentality can't be swayed by an utterly terrible argument or story - someone has to be at least marginally decent at it to get it to work. That's because I feel the point value of Slave Mentality is quite adequately covered by the "lacks initiative" bit of it, and the idea of someone running hither and yon, pushed by contradictory orders or the instructions of whoever met them most recently, just seems silly to me.
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