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Default Re: [RPM] Mind Control

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
You don't get protected from the effects of Slave Mentality by taking more disadvantages.
I would argue that taking Slave Mentality and Reprogrammable together isn't actually significantly reducing the disadvantage value of Slave Mentality. The way I see it, with Slave Mentality alone, you have a very hard time resisting anyone's orders, or acting on your own initiative. If you take Reprogrammable as well, there's at least one person whose orders you ca 't disobey - you never get even the possibility of disobeying, even with the -6 that Slave Mentality imposes. That person can give you orders like "ignore orders that don't come from me", and that lets you out of Slave Mentality's normal "obey anyone who makes even a token attempt to command you" effect, but in exchange, you have absolutely no recourse if your master gives you impossible or suicidal orders, and others can still fool you into thinking that orders do come from "the master", and Slave Mentality will still impose its normal penalty on your attempts to see through such deceptions. And if your master words it so restrictively that that's impossible, that becomes its own form of restriction on both you and the master.

Also, I'd note that Reprogrammable, in 3e, used to be "Reprogrammable Duty". I'm reasonably sure, based on that, that the intent is not to make someone who slavishly obeys the orders of one specific person to take Reprogrammable, Slave Mentality, and an additional Duty disad.
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