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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
You don't get protected from the effects of Slave Mentality by taking more disadvantages.

Sense of Duty and/or Reprogramable doesn't stop people from casually walking up to you and telling you to clean their shoes with your tongue.
But Slave Mentality doesn't actually force you to obey them either.

It confused me for quite a while too, but I think I understand the intent now. Slave Mentality is not a compulsion to obey orders - that's Reprogrammable - it simply prevents you from doing stuff *without* any. It's a lack of *initiative* more than anything. You could conceivably have Slave Mentality and some other disadvantage that prevents you from taking orders (say a complete inability to understand language) and basically never do anything. That just wouldn't be a very interesting character.

Edit: I would however say that Slave Mentality is incompatible with Sense of Duty, because Sense of Duty *is* a kind of internal motivation, and by definition sufferers from Slave Mentality do not have any of those. It's incompatible with pretty much all self imposed disadvantages.
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