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Default Re: Curse! Temporary Amnesia

Originally Posted by Thesphinx3 View Post
Hey had a very interesting debate pop up about this card. One player was an elf, but had this card cursed on him. He argued that if he were to help in combat, the curse resolves itself the split second the monster dies, but before treasures or levels are distributed. In other words, he's arguing he remembers he's an elf just in time to get that level. The other half of the the group said that combat isn't fully resolved until levels and etc are dished out, this making him not get the level. So which is it? I can see how this would affect other race/class can combos dealing with killin monsters so I'd see the benefit of clarifying it.
Given that the game ends the split second a player kills a monster to reach level 10, before anything else, I'd say that the level is awarded as the combat concludes (whether the distribution of treasure is part of the combat or not doesn't matter, it comes after the level(s)). Thus, any curse that ends after combat should still be in effect when the level(s) are awarded. Which is a convoluted way of saying, "I don't think so." :)

But MunchkinMan or someone else official could tell me I'm wrong.
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