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Default Re: [GURPS Lite] TL8 Time Travelers Go to WW2

Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
As with any time travel spend some time pinpricking chronological prejudice. People in other environments of time or space should not be assumed to be stupid just because they live in a different environment. Don't dodge values dissonance but don't simplify it either.

On the other hand you can indulge in a few cheap jokes like at the quality of the coffee. In fact that might be quite amusing. You can even make one of your time traveling PCs a barista for comic relief.

Have a Service dance party sometime. Even play some 40's hits on YouTube for that. It is a cliche but a good one and gets the atmosphere going. And you can throw in one or two subversions to mix things up. Speaking of that there are a couple good books for cocktail recipes that you can mine for period chrome of the kind. Oh and don't forget the Glamorous Wartime Singer.
Why exactly would the coffee be bad?
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