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Default Re: GM Screen Alternatives

I like your (Guy's) idea for cards or standups or sheets that cover certain situations. Natural choices for TFT could be:

swimming / boating / drowning / resuscitating
climbing / falling / height advantage
darkness / blindness / invisibility / illumination
mounted combat
flying combat
overland travel
labyrinth scale time / movement / light / sound
rest, healing, recovery
reaction rolls & social situations

The cards for items thing can be fun. I've done that... but it also adds to the physical clutter, you start needing envelopes for players, want lots of cards for mundane common items (or else have to deal with some things not having cards), figure out what happens if someone misplaces a card or whatever.

I sometimes drew my TFT PC's equipment and noted any wear & tear (one character notched his crossbow for kills... I drew those on).
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