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Default How many can i put down into play (in the table)?

me and my friends got into a discussion yesterday that we couldn't solve; even though for some of us was obvious (we had 2 new players to our group that it seems have being playing the game quite difference)

This game was based on super munchkin, I also own munchkin (deluxe version) and munchkin bites! which i play the same, of course with added race, or no power and you know.. :)

So after reviewing the item and when to play section:

1. You can:
- have one class, sidekick, one head, one body, one foot and 2 one hand or one 2 handed (unless u have a card that affect this, eg super munchkin)
- unlimited origins
- one hq
- power as many as the rank total does not go above ur level (unless u have that origin card that aloud u to have unlimited power no matter ur level.. cant find the card on my deck now <.<)
(we all agree on the above)

2. You can not NOT put anything down that does not have a gold value bc it is not an item (mainly those cards that have "usable once only" e.g "contrived escape", others that affect combat e.g "alternate world version"; "go up one level" cards... and so) These cards that have no gold value cant be put down in the table into play as "in used", nor as "carried". Correct??
(this was the 1st argument - they say you could put them down as carried and use them whenever... this way you would have dozens "carried" and never use charity, and the amount of damage/affect you can do to a combat would be insane... no? They say this were the same as the "one shot item" from the original munchkin, but that is not right because those have value, hence ARE items, these are not... )

3. They are other cards that have gold value (hence items) and give u bonus e.g "utility girdle", "molybdenum skateboard" >> of this u can have "in use" as many as you want, no?
(second argument - They say it was only 1 of this "in use" others carried because they were under the same category as some of cards mention in point #1 (mainly gear). This way you would never get high enough, no?)

4. And all these items (have gold value) classified as "small items" (no important for super munchkin, but figured i clarified bc i see that one under the same line and coming once we play munchkin original)

5. there is one card called "insane obsession" that specified "no value" and give you "+1 bonus"; so i read this card as a "item card" because it talks about value, right?

Really appreciate the clarification, we couldn't finish the game and had to play something else. <.<

Thanks :)

PS they are several points but i think they all go into the same category, hope I'm not braking any rule forum. thx
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