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Default Re: [IW] Non-Nazi Germany-Dominant World?

Originally Posted by SolemnGolem View Post
Maybe a pre-WWI Germany that continued to lead the world in philosophy, science, and institutions of higher learning, while developing its industrial and trade potential while France and Britain had to deal with collapsing colonial empires?

It seems like you might be able to handwave a world where Germany was in a leadership position without having to resort to German übermensch, if you assume stable expansion for the Germans and wrenching instability for the other great powers. Russia has its historical setback with Communism, and Britain and France could have had much greater trouble with the secession of their colonies than they did historically.

America could have remained isolationist, renouncing the "old ways of Europe" and assuming a much smaller role on the world stage than it historically did.

The Plague breaks out in England at the start of the Industrial revolution. The plague, somewhat suspiciously, does not jump the channel and it is thought the Cabal may have had something to do with this.

England ends up being an agrarian lower tech state tied up in a civil war with Scotland. There is much secret or not so secret joy in Ireland about this. France & Prussia take the lead in technology until the Franco Prussian War of 1855 in which Germany united wins and makes apolicy of keeping France suppressed. Again Iswat thinks there is a Cabal influence in this and the Constitution Convention of 1850, which fractures the US into the CSA, the new England Federation, the Federal Republic of the Great Lakes, and the Bear Republic of the West Coast, which nominally controls those Western territories not protectorates of the Federal Lakes. (I'll leave the exact make up of the map to you.)

By the current year of 1963, Germany is the undisputed Superpower of the world with the CSA and New England chasing after 2nd place.

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