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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
I have absolutely no idea how you get to "Kris-mass" from Anwahto, nor what joke Anwahto is about. The character is just very silly.
No argument on the silly. As for Kris-mass:

Originally Posted by martinl
Wavy-Bladed ... Main-Gauche
Religious Ritual - 8 [1]
Measurement – 8 [1]
A wavy-bladed dagger is a "Kris." Religious Ritual allows you to conduct a mass. The measurement allows you to measure things (although, admittedly, not mass, but you can get it from weight.)

There's some other Christmas themed bits.
Anwa ahto ~ "Gift maker"
Meryalė ~ holiday
Lossė ~ snow
(Elvish from online Tolkien dictionaries.)
Loves sugar and cold
Connoisseur (Woodwork)
Rations are Christmas tree shaped biscuits

My thought was that their was so much weirdness that someone would twig and be amused, but in general, it appears to have been a worthless joke and a not very interesting or useful NPC.

Sorry folks.
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