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Default Re: [High-Tech] Military Equipment: Global War on Terror edition

Fighters: I'm not going to put too much effort into stating them out right now, since basic types are already covered in the "Dogfight Action!" Pyramid article I keep citing. An exception is the F-22 Raptor. Here's my attempt at stating it:

F-22 Raptor

ST/HP: 136
Hnd/SR: +3/4
HT: 12f
Move: 10/750
SM: +6
Occ: 1SP
DR: 3
Range: 1,840
Loc.: g3WWi
Stall: 60

Exact maximum speeds and stall speeds don't appear to be publicly available, though I've seen estimates of 1,500 mph for top speed, and stall speed is reportedly "very low". The AIM-120 missile is an important weapon for it, but I'm having trouble guessing at the statistics—I'm assuming it's ABF like the Sidewinder, but I'm not 100% certain, and if it is ABF we have very few examples to extrapolate from.

Edit: Before I forget, the F-22 should have the same -2 to -3 radar stealth as the B-2 Spirit.

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