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Default Re: [High-Tech] Military Equipment: Global War on Terror edition

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
Good point(s). It's possible they're essentially normal M16s at the level of granularity GURPS accounts for.
At the very least, we probably shouldn't give them higher Acc than the FN SCAR and HK416/HK417 rifles that are meant to replace such stop-gap weapons in Australian, UK and US service unless there is some evidence that the purpose-built rifles are substantially less accurate than the modified M16/M4 rifles like the Mk 12 SPR and similar weapons.

Personally, I think there is room to make some sub-MOA sniper rifles in flat-shooting calibers with good ballistics Acc 7. This would allow some of the high-end long-barrelled DMR and Sniper Support rifles to have Acc 6, as, indeed, the SR-25 and M110 SASS already do.

I'd also like to see some of the high-end 12-16" barrel recce rifles and carbines get Acc 5, as I don't really think that an inch or three more of barrel should make all commercial .223 rifles with 16-18" barrels much more accurate and effective than the 'M4 Sniper' with 14.5" barrel, the SCAR-L with 13.8" barrel, the HK416D145RS that Delta actually uses for recce rifles/DMR these days, let alone the FN SCAR-H with a 16" barrel that many SMUs seem to favour in the role nowadays.

In game terms, I think that Fine (Accurate) would make sense for some of the carbines that GURPS currently makes Acc 4. Some 12" barrel carbines with rounds that perform better than .223 at long range might qualify, like the 6.8 SPC or the .50 Beowulf. And I think that many of the newest and shiniest assault rifle/carbine families ought to as well, if only to prevent in-unit gunsmithed stop-gap measures adopted until these were available from being clearly mechanically superior in GURPS.

Upgrading an M4A1 to Fine (Accurate and Reliable) through two days of work and less than $500 in parts shouldn't be clearly mechanically superior to buying the latest $1,500+ carbine that JSOC and SOCOM selected instead. I'm fine with it being equivalent, but I'm leery of stats that essentially say that anyone with Armoury 12+ can easily do better with a basic workshop than top-notch industrial engineers ever do with the best high-tech factories.
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