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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Michael)

Odly, I am sure I'm not vexed. We've been having jests at my life for some time, this is by far the most extensive though. Most of the time its more subtle. Then again most of my life I seem to learn a lot of something and then not be able to continue with my ideas due to what I learn. Michael gets on the boat. Thank you. Can I hel?. Michael sits down. So, what brings yea out yonder?

(ooc: that was part of pointing out my use of body language skill, so it would be easier to simply say... he seems friendly, and not pirate. [if I passed/failed, pending what he is trying to show.] On an odd notes, my character is still leaning away from pirate, most pirates have on bright colors. Often from the variety of random clothings they've stolen. And most people who go to jail swear when they come out, something to do with looking tough in prison (though I'm prone to believe having a low vocabulary has something to do with it as well.) [the advantages to playing myself, I don't have to ask what I know.])
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