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Default Re: Impenetrable defense?

Originally Posted by Belial666 View Post
OK, this is for a Supers game. I am designing a fire-demon antagonist that feeds on destruction - the more you hit him the stronger he becomes. Does the following work as intended?

Feed on Destruction [624 points]
Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction 150 [cosmic +50%]
DR 6 [cosmic +50%, malediction proof +50%, hardened +120%, absorption: healing +80%, reflexive +40%, force field +20%]

The damage resistance will always stop 6 points of damage from any form of attack. This will give 6 points that can be used to recover up to 3 points of injury immediately - but with damage that penetrates divided by a factor of 150 before being applied to injury, the bad guy is outright immune to any damage of 456 or less. It wouldn't matter if an entire army attacked with "Irresistible" rapid-fire attacks; as long as each blow was 120d or less the demon would laugh it off without a mark.

Or at least it should work like that. Anything I am missing damage-wise?
No Brain is good, unless you want head shots to have a chance at causing injury.
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