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So the pilot is sort of a Han Solo figure, and my plan was to basically have NPCs come to him to do smuggly stuff, I was a little concerned "Take thing to place" would get kinda old. But all these suggestions have made me realize I can turn those sort of missions into more high adventure stuff. I've asked my players to come up with backstories for their characters so I'm hoping that will give me some meat for balancing character focus. Thanks for all the advice! I realize this sort of drifted off of questions about the system, but I'm probably going to have a few of those in the future.
You might want to consider the Jobs section on B516, just making monthly Job Rolls, for the Smuggling aspect, only occasionally having the smuggling mission be the actual adventure, just for variety. Or if you'd prefer not to use those rules, use the smuggling job as an excuse to get to new adventure sites, with the occasional smuggling mission for variety. When I first read your campaign premise, my impression was that you'd have to use the agency simply as a means to transport the PCs around the globe, so that they can then get embroiled in high-adventure hijinks at each new location, just to keep things from getting old. It also has the benefit of being episodic in nature, which is a familiar format to most D&D players, whereas a more story-arc type of campaign might be harder to pull off, right out of the gates with a new system for all to learn.

Some other sources for plot inspiration came to me:
  • Archer Season 8 - Dreamland (can be watched as a standalone) is set in the era, and might inspire something for your PI character.
  • Archer Season 9 - Danger Island (can also be watched as a standalone) is set in the same era too, and features a Pilot on a fictional Polynesian Island, complete with Nazis and lost tribal treasures. This season seems written with your campaign in mind.
  • Tales of the Gold Monkey - I haven't watched it, but it's obscure so your players likely won't recognize anything you might rip off, and is listed as inspiration for Archer - Danger Island, so it would likely be some useful inspiration.

Good luck with the campaign, adblue.
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