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Default Re: NIJ Levels in DR Ratings

Originally Posted by fula farbrorn View Post
How would we Stat up a NIJ III/IV vest ? they do exist and are becoming more and more prolific

one possible solution would be to adjust it into something like this

Level II: DR 10
Level IIIA: DR 12
Level III: DR 25
Level IV: ?? ??
Level III/IV: DR 36

Not sure what rules or DR it would benefit from though
I'd stat all stand-alone NIJ Level IV armor as having DR 36+, but note that armor which might not pass Level III testing might have reduced DR against a specific threat, most likely very high velocity projectiles, or, alternatively, might fail Level III testing because of problems with repeated hits.

Note that these are edge cases and specifically do not apply to the most common ceramic composite plates from reputable manufacturers, even if they haven't specifically been submitted for Level III testing.
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