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Default Re: Approaching TL9?

As noted by another - it is hard to predict the future.

Note that when GURPS ULTRATECH first came out for GURPS 3e, the Just around the corner from now predictions fell into two categories...

We already have it today - which indicates that some few of the items were mis-labeled as to what their TL should have been or...

We still don't have it yet.

TL 8 (which is the just around the corner TL for the older Tech tree in GURPS 3e) is to that system as TL 9 is to this. Using the revamped TL tree offered in TRANSHUMAN SPACe, we're STILL not entirely at TL 8.


In the end, you can simply go the route you want as GM and wave your hands saying "Thus it is" or not. Me? I honestly don't think we're in TL 9 as yet. Inching towards it, yes, but actually there? No. Automated cars aren't in mainstream use in the United States or Japan or anywhere else for that matter. Even back in the day, early GURPS didn't predict or require that the entire world have a given technology in operation per se, but that the technology was in wider use.

So - we're not in TL 8 for GURPS 3e rules, nor are we in TL 9 for 4e rules in my opinion.

Now for the really FUN part.

Have you noted that GURPS has tech tree evaluations in which one can accelerate some aspects of a Tech level, but leave alone or even retard other aspects? Using computers as a guideline for tech advancement seems to follow that one concept - as far as many others are concerned. I still would like to ask one simple question...

What precisely is "Complexity" in real world terms? What complexity rating would you assign to Microsoft's OFFICE SUITE from 1995 as compared/contrasted against Office Suite 2010 vs what it has become today? What complexity rating would you assign any of the 3D software that has been written in the past vs what has been designated as cutting edge software today?

Until we have an actual "This is complexity X" for various software - how do you relate it to anything in GURPS where computers are concerned - and how to you determine if we've hit TL 9 for computers today?

(I would advise that if you want to answer this question specifically, that rather than derail this thread, to open up a new one instead).
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