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Default Re: Best Soundtrack for Car Wars?

A few of my favorite car combat soundtracks are listed below.

Arcade: Spy Hunter

NES: Spy Hunter, Super Spy Hunter, Jackal

PS1: Twisted Metal 1, Twisted Metal 2, Twisted Metal 3, Twisted Metal 4

PS2: SpyHunter, Roadkill, Twisted Metal Black, Twisted Metal Head-On

Computers: Interstate '76, Interstate '76 Nitro Pack, Death Rally 1996, Auto Assault, Redline: 2066, MegaRace 1, MegaRace 2

Movies: Death Race, Mad Max 1, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Mad Max: Fury Road, Damnation Alley, Battletruck / Warlords of the 21st Century, The Delta Force

Television: Viper Season 1, Knight Rider 2010

A post on BoardGameGeek over five years ago suggested an unofficial soundtrack the Rush N' Crush boardgame.

1. The Prodigy - You Will Be Under My Wheels
2. Swervedriver - Son of Mustang Ford
3. White Zombie - Supercharger Heaven
4. The Young Gods - Long Route
5. F.S.O.L. - We Have Explosive
6. Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
7. The Prodigy - Diesel Power
8. Temponem Pal - Planet Crash
9. Rush - Red Barchetta
10. Orbital - P.E.T.R.O.L.
11. Rush - Driven
12. AC/DC - Highway to Hell
13. Deep Purple - Highway Star

Additional suggestions can be found in the discussion thread found at the URL below.

Default Stories, Movies and Music to set the mood
SJ Games Car Wars Discussion Forum

Several years ago I created the "Interstate '76 Get Out of the Car Mix," a complete collection of music tracks from Interstate '76 and Interstate '76 Nitro Pack. The playlist includes the Interstate '76 Game Soundtrack, the demo album Bullmark, and audio of all Interstate '76 cut scenes. Music from Interstate '76 had several duplicate versions published on various sources. My playlist, approximately 75 minutes in length, has the longest versions of each track. When placed on a USB drive, the playlist is excellent for real-world driving.
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