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Default Re: No Mention of Hireling Before Munchkin 4?

There's a second in Munchkin 3, too.

If you are playing with those two sets alone, there is no mention that you can only have one of the two Hirelings in play simultaneously. There's also no mention of the Hireling sacrifice rule for an automatic escape in those two sets. The text on the card is there for sacrificing them, but that text implies you can only run away from one monster rather than from all of them, as per the general Hireling rule. Not big problems really, but perhaps worth noting as it is a bit difficult to prove those rules should be used when you are only using sets 1-3.

Waltron, there is no official full set of rules that has been provided, although I do summarise all the rules that aren't found in the base Munchkin rule set within my Checklist document (see my sig). Everything I have in there can be traced back to an official rulebook or an officially answered thread on the forum.
My unofficial, but comprehensive Flowcharts: Munchkin: A4 Letter; Munchkin Quest: A4 Letter
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