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Default Re: [vessels] how to manage role

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen
Remember, though, that a Role is a role as something. You don't just have a Role as "Bob Smith". You have a Role as "Bob Smith, janitor", or "Bob Smith, college student", or "Bob Smith, gang member". It's the job description that's really important, since you can only disguise Disturbance that falls into that category. Any flaws in your backstory will tend to degrade the later part of the Role, since people will question why you're qualified for that job.
I would suggest that "janitor" or whatnot is really a code word for the same cognitive dissonence experienced by anyone who doesn't really know the person they think they do. I would suggest that the reaction of Jamie Lee Curtis in "True Lies" was not because Ahnald wasn't acting like a computer saleman, but that he wasn't acting like the man she had known for 20 years. And the Symphony would suddenly note that questioning and look askance at the activities of the Celestial. It isn't a job, it's a persona which goes beyond a job.

I know I'm expanding the rules here, but they seem to need it.
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