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Default Re: Vampires Feeding on Immortals

Would it really be much more than a minor disadvantage for the immortals blood to be akin to an essential element(from gurps magic).

Ie a vampire who has fed on it needs only 1/4 as much, find it supernaturally tasty, and can go 4x as long between feedings (so if they have draining they can go 4 days between meals rather than just one)

I have one character who has similar characteristics
1. I used a modification of flagrant aura from thaumatology to represent the extra tastiness (+3 to rolls to detect under specific circumstances - In this modified case being tasted by blood/spirit consumers)
2. A quirk for 'forever pure' that assures that regardless of circumstance if it works against the PC they count as 'pure' or 'ideal' (a virgin, an atlantean, etc as required or preffered)
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