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Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
So snub Jordi and Eli in one blow? Awesome move for Hell, that.
Your problem may be with the "mandatory" part of this, but spaying and neutering most household pets is a hygienic, economical and safety-improving idea. Puppies or kittens are very cute, very briefly, and most casual pet owners have neither the intention nor the funds to raise an entire litter of animals to adulthood. There are far more dogs and cats around than are required for adoption, and runaways or abandonments have led to serious problems with stray overpopulation in cities.

Eli probably doesn't have too much of an opinion on birth control for animals, at least nonhuman ones. Jordi respects human preeminence in the Symphony but wishes they acted more in line with what he perceives as their relative place as a special animal among many; enmeshed in a web of relationships; having responsibilities to an animal who offers companionship and trust is an important part of that. Jordi also deals with animals, in many cases, on the species level; nature is red in tooth and claw, after all, and he favors neither the lion nor the antelope. On the species level, significant population control for domesticated animals is a good thing for those species, bettering quality of life for the individuals of that species.

Jordi's pretty well known for thinking that significant population control could be applied to humanity with similarly favorable results, for that matter. (It's been suggested, in fact, that if Heaven has an Angel of Birth Control (or, less slangily, Population Management), it's one of Jordi's Word-Bound: one of his that isn't species-related, and among the few angels he has that gets along halfway well with Jean and Marc.
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