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Default Re: How much stronger do you get for that which you kill?

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
How do you calculate for special features like only harmed by magic weapons or only by thrown spells?
Yes, as you note, that's still lacking. In the same way that the formula joins the figure's MA with its hit probability to indicate the figurative reach or busyness of its attacking capability, and its spell ability with its IQ to modify its damage dealing potential, such features ought to adjust the figure's armored HA, and in those cases also appertain in a spell caster intermediate variable of 3 or even less.
Although composing a spectrum of figure gradients is instructional (still be a job for me to enumerate those undead types in my listing) such particular variances aren't so critical in the extracurricular award scheme I propose. In that it's the encounter that figures, and pretty much the reverse of garnering static values, or of the notion that badder is better at gaining EP for kills.
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