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Default Re: Rules puzzle: Extra Attack and readying

Well . . . the next time I'm asked for errata for a new printing, I'll add this one. The wording in the Basic Set is wrong. The only way to get an extra maneuver in GURPS is via Altered Time Rate or spell effects (like Great Haste) that emulate it. There are lots of ways to gain extra actions (small-a attacks, small-f feints, etc.) -- including Dual-Weapon Attack, Extra Attack, and Rapid Strike for attacks and feints, and Fast-Draw rolls for readying things -- but these don't add maneuvers. Maneuvers have an action component, a movement component, and a defense component. While it's fine to add extra actions, adding the entire maneuver gets crazy. (And why on earth would one ready a breath weapon, anyway? Attack abilities explicitly don't need readying.)

And a word to the wise: telling me "It's written that way, so that's how it is, and what you're saying is wrong" is like smucking your head on stone. I wrote the words, so I know better than you what I meant. I freely admit that I can be wrong in writing! Once I've decided I was wrong, the written words become wrong. They'll get changed in future printings, and eventually show up in an errata sheet, so you can elect to ignore them until then if you wish . . . but that doesn't make me wrong until then. It just means that you're choosing to ignore me, which is fine but not the same thing. :)
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