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I’d suggest a “cinematic” group of healing spells like this:

IQ 10: Minor Healing (T) - Cost 1 ST. Heals two points of physical damage.

IQ 13: Major Healing (T) - Cost 2 ST. Heals four points of physical damage.

IQ 16: Critical Healing (T) - Cost 3 ST. Heals six points or physical damage.

Rules for healing spells:

-Cannot heal fatigue (this stops wizards from creating a perpetual motion ST generator)

-Higher level spells include lower level spells.

-A figure can receive one healing spell after each combat. The spell can only heal new damage received after the last healing spell was cast. In other words, healing spells work like physicker/master physicker talents.

-In non-cinematic campaigns, healing spells are considered identical to physicker/master physicker talents. I.e., a Minor Healing spell replaces a physicker’s healing abilities.

This is along the lines I was thinking, so if you don't like the two-tiered approach I put before, then I like this the best. I kept in the quote what I like, I would need more time reading and being convinced all of the rest of the text is necessary.

This feels very TFTish, is fairly straightforward, rewards higher IQ wizards, and keeps it from being gamed too much. It lets Physicker and Master Physicker have their look and feel, and this is the wizardly approach.

I would have to think about whether this Heal spell should be able to be used in conjunction with Physicker/Master Physicker. Would either one count as the healing allowed to a set of damages after or during a combat, or could both be used? I might tend to favor the former, but see a case for being able to use both.

We ought to mention the spell Aid, which "can" pump up someone's strength very temporarily, but we primarily use it for quick DX or IQ jumps for critical situations, so Minor/Major/Critical Healing spells don't really conflict with the Aid spell.
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