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Originally Posted by Kirk View Post
One could limit the healing to a Physicker-like approach, one spell per incident of damage, to keep things from becoming ridiculous, as has been mentioned, with cleric style characters as Insta-Heal abusers.
Another more direct limiter against abuse(s) would be to charge the spell cost to the caster directly AS DAMAGE AND FATIGUE, and move it from the Thrown Spell classification, to the Special Spell classification - and attack the problem from the other direction.

a Heal Spell might then read as follows:

************************************************** *****

IQ 13 or 14: LAYING OF EMPATHIC HANDS (S): Absorbs, as healing, 1 hit of injury for every (3, 4, or 5) hits of direct damage AND fatigue the caster is willing to incur by laying hands directly on another in a magical exchange of life-forces.

Because of the highly-dangerous and delicate nature of magically manipulating the active life-force energies involved which activates this special absorption spell, the cost to cast, is taken NOT ONLY as fatigue from basic spellcasting, but ALSO as DAMAGE FROM INJURY suffered DIRECTLY by the caster, just as if having been hit by a weapon in combat.

And no, armor, talents, and spells do not protect you.

For this same reason, the cost to cast CANNOT be drawn from the strength of others, nor from any type of stored strength battery, or magic item - the backlash of attempting to balance and control the complex energies of more than two people would kill any additional person involved in the attempted magical operation, the caster, and possibly even the injured person in need of healing.

Because this spell requires direct physical contact between two people adjacent to each other, and the manipulation of magical and ACTIVE life-forces, it CANNOT be "stored" in any type of magic item, such as a scroll or amulet. Empathic Hands WILL also restore lost fatigue from spellcasting, etc., but rarely is it practical to use it this way. Empathic Hands will cure hits already lost to disease and poison, but it will not cure the disease nor make a poison go away.


Okay, that might to be enough to keep the abusers from "gaming the game".


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