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Originally Posted by Astromancer View Post
Try this one...

Stalin dies suddenly (he was in poor health anyway and never lived a healthy lifestyle) just before Hitler invades Poland. General Zhukov catapults to the role of leader, mainly because everybody wanted someone else to blame. Unlike Stalin, Zhukov always assumed that Hitler would stab the USSR before the USSR stabbed Germany. So he planned for Hitler's surprise attack.

When the fatal day came in June Zhukov struck hard. Barbarossa was thrown back violently. Poland is now the Eastern front in late October 1941.

Centrum wants to keep Japan out of the War. That way the USA never flexs it's muscles, there is no Marshall Plan and the original and progressive form of the Bretton Woods System (which strengthened democracy) will never come into existence. All of which Centrum feels will favor the British Empire and sideline the USA.

Homeline wants to thwart Centrum's plans and get Japan into the war. Meanwhile, Midwinter Aton is aiding the Nazis. They've introduced Jets into the Luftwaffe. The Cabal has decided to aid anyone trying to bring Germany down.

This is a Q6 Low Manna world.
I believe there is already an official "Zhukov" world, where the Russian general was in charge and threw back Operation Barbarossa.
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