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Originally Posted by hal View Post
Hello Folks,
For some of you who might be interested...
One of the problems I'm having is being able to unzip a file from the PAK file, make changes, and then rezipping the file as a PAK file to where FG2 can read it. I'm using 7ZIP for this, and it is just not working.
Hal, you are just doing it wrong. No offense intended, I used to do it wrong for some time. :) , but I stumbled across the correct way by accident one time.

1) I assume you have changed the it from .pak to .zip, unzipped it with 7zip and made your changes.

2) Then you right click on the folder and try one of the many 7zip options to compress it, and some of them seem to do the job. You then change the .zip back to .pak, and move it to the FG folder.

3) FG doesn't see the file.

I don't know why that doesn't work, but what you need to do is,

1) Same as step 1 as above,

2) Make sure 7zip is not open from before (not sure if this is important, but I don't want to deviate from the ritual). Open 7zip independently and WITHIN 7zip navigate to inside the folder that contains the file where you made your changes.

3) Select all, then hit the "add" button (green plus at the top left).

4) This will open up another window with a bunch of options. I just hit "OK".

5) A .zip file will be generated inside the folder.

6) Navigate to that folder(not using 7zip), and grab the .zip file. This one can be changed to .pak and FG will see it.

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