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Default Re: How Many High-IQ Wizards?

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
The top listed wizard job at ITL 59 pays $15k a year.

By ITL 148 Youth costs $40k a year.

Who can afford to live forever?
Hopefully, no one can afford to live forever! Certainly not as a routine thing allowed by ordinary salaries on the jobs table. Why would you even begin to think that Youth potions would or should be affordable?

If they were, then one might expect all people with enough means to afford them, to be unaging, and there to be quite a few people as old as that situation had started to exist, who would tend to have a world-twisting amount of knowledge, social background, abiliity levels, and probably wealth.

There may still be some such people, but at least the cost and difficulty of getting working Youth potions poses some sort of interesting obstacle.
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