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Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
Wow, there's some mighty magic in the Bloody Hand. Some, like Staff of Fury, could be too powerful, especially if it can combine with the talents that allow higher missile spell damage. Do the Giant Rainstorm and Unholy Fire completely cover the wizard's mega-megahex creation spell zone, or are you thinking that only some of the area of effect needs to be within it?
Yeah, Staff of Fury seems powerful, but the Death spell is only IQ 16, and in old TFT there was no limit on missile spells at all. So I figured maybe it wouldn't be too bad? :) You could be a missile spell specialist, but I imagined you would then be a bit of a one trick pony. Probably needs some playtesting!

I think you're right about part of the gigahex being in the spellcasters creation range, although Unholy Fire should be able to stretch out in a line if required. These are battlefield spells after all.
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