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What have you done to me?!

Martial Wizards - Mages of the Bloody Hand

Tough, mean and extremely dangerous. This order focuses on battle wizardry and frontline magicks. A favourite order of Orc wizards and often hired into mercenary groups. The Order is adept at acquiring and making weapons and armour which are usable without interfering with spell casting - replacing iron with horn, scales, silver, rare woods and alloys - at prices much better than full silver.

New Talent

IQ 8 Talent. Acolyte of the Bloody Hand(1) This talent confers knowledge of the basics of the society’s workings, and serves as a prerequisite for all Secrets. Prerequisites: must have killed in battle or a fair fight, and sustained a wound in the process + three spells/talents from the Martial Wizard list + a commitment to serve the Order for one year - usually on the front lines somewhere dangerous, but accompanied by a mentor from the Bloody Hand.


IQ 11 Talent. Counter Blast. If the wizard is attacked by a missile spell they can, on 3D vs DX (plus an extra die if they have moved more than 1 hex, and/or another extra die if they have already acted that round) 'counter' the missile spell with an identical missile spell of their own (as long as they can match that form). This locks the two wizards in an occult power struggle and neither missile will 'land' until one wizard emerges victorious. In the first turn, the defending wizard must match the ST cost of the attacker, but each turn, after the initial turn, each Wizard decides (secretly) how much power (ST) they will pour into their continuing blast. They then roll for damage and as soon as one wizard has won three 'rounds' they are victorious and their full damage for that round will be done to the loser. At any point before rolling damage, either wizard can chose to collapse their attack and take the full blast that round. Anyone or anything intercepting the magical conduit between the wizards takes the immediate full damage of both wizards, as a single blast and both wizards take half that as wounds. Any melee attack on, contact, or spell cast on either wizard counts as intercepting the conduit. Energy has even been known to arc back along arrow tracks... In short - you've seen Potter vs Voldemort - just leave them to it!

IQ 12 Talent. Irritation of the Wizard(2). Increases the maximum possible strength of any missile spells cast by the wizard to 4 dice.

IQ 12 Spell. Giant Rainstorm(C). Magic Rainstorm but covering a gigahex (a megahex of megahexes). Cost 8 ST.

IQ 14 Spell. Rapid March(S). Adds 2 to the MA of all creatures within earshot of the caster. Lasts 6 hours. Cost: 12 ST.

IQ 14 Talent. Anger of the Wizard(2). Increases the maximum possible strength of any missile spells cast by the wizard to 5 dice. Prerequisite: Irritation of the Wizard.

IQ 15 Spell. Missile Shelter(T). Protects all creatures in the enchanted megahex from Missiles (as Dispel Missiles) as long as the spell is maintained. The megahex is fixed in space, or can be cast on large heavy inanimate objects like boats or siege engines - not elephants or horses. Cost: 6 to cast, 2 to maintain.

IQ 16 Spell. Spell Shelter(T). Protects a megahex from spells (as Spell Shield). Cost 8 to cast, 4 to maintain.

IQ 16 Talent. Wrath of the Wizard(2). Increases the maximum possible strength of any missile spells cast by the wizard to 6 dice. Prerequisite: Anger of the Wizard.

IQ 16 Talent. Hands of Fury. The Wizard is able to cast one Missile spell from each hand, at two different targets, with the maximum ST cap applying to the pair of spells. The only thing the mage can be holding is a staff.

IQ 18 Spell. Unholy Fire(C). Like the Fire spell but cast on any 49 connected hexes (a gigahex). Costs 8 to cast.

IQ 18 Talent. Fury of the Wizard(2). Increases the maximum possible strength of any missile spells cast by the wizard to 7 dice. Prerequisite: Wrath of the Wizard.

IQ 19 Talent. Staff of Fury. The blast from a staff of Power (level IV or higher) can be combined with a missile spell, enabling extra damage and bypassing normal armour for the whole attack. Range is per Missile spells for all the damage, and if the target is one or two hexes away, the attack is at +3 DX.

IQ 20 Talent. Insanity of the Wizard(2). Increases the maximum possible strength of any missile spells cast by the wizard to 8 dice. Prerequisite: Fury of the Wizard.

Spell and Talent list

All Staff spells
All Summoning spells, except Demons
All Create Fire and Shadow spells
All Missile spells
All Unarmed Combat talents

IQ 7
* Brawling
* All basic weapon talents and shield

IQ 8
Drop Weapon
* Horsemanship
* Running
* Swimming
* Thrown weapons

IQ 9
Dark Vision
Detect Life
Turn Missiles
* Climbing
* Toughness

IQ 10
Detect Enemies
Dispel Missiles
Far Vision
Speed Movement

IQ 11
Acid Touch
Destroy Creation
Reverse Missiles
* Tactics

IQ 12
Break Weapon
Breathe Fire
Eyes Behind
Mage Sight
Magic Rainstorm

IQ 13
Open Tunnel
Slippery Floor
Sticky Floor
Stone Flesh
* Chemist
* Strategist

IQ 14
Explosive Gem
Remove Thrown Spell
Spell Shield
Weapon Armour Enchantment
* Alchemy

IQ 15
Giant Rope
Iron Flesh
Megahex Avert

IQ 16
Death Spell
Megahex Sleep

IQ 17
Blast Trap
Diamond Flesh

IQ 18
Megahex Freeze

IQ 19

IQ 20
Word of Command - usually 'surrender', 'kill', or 'obey'

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