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Default Re: Cloth under Armor and Capes

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
I was referring to attributes beyond the 40 point total -- which are currently "forbidden" in the RAW.
They are not forbidden.

ITL15: Note: a strength of 20 or more is very rare by Earth standards. If a GM wants to run a “realistic” campaign, he should consider limiting the maximum ST of human-type figures to that level.

ITL16: so characters should be allowed as high a DX as they can attain.
The GM may create characters with any point value desired, but very high ST+DX+IQ totals are rare:
Above 40 Hope they’re friendly!

ITL45: 41st and later Double cost each time. Adding attributes at this point is rarely cost effective (and see Attribute Bloat, below).

ITL47: But the real solution is for GMs not to become overgenerous with XP to the character who “just wants one more point of DX so I can fence blindfolded in plate armor.” Or whatever

Sir Wiper ST 9 DX 20(12) IQ 11
Rapier(1d+1) Fine plate(6) Blindfold
Fencer, Acute Hearing, etc.
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