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Default Re: Cloth under Armor and Capes

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
The real 'failure modes' of the new TFT are going to be house-ruled attribute bloat and/or over reliance on magic items. My prediction is that groups that do these things will end up unhappy with their campaigns, but it is a lot to ask most people to exercise the discipline required to run a bunch of 38-40 pt characters without prospect of gaining another few stat points some day. It's a little like level limits in 1E and B/X - games that are definitely more fun to play when everyone is under 10'th level, yet somehow most long term groups end up with 30th level characters.
I agree, but you can solve both issues by allowing them to gain stats in excess of 40 -- just double the cost in XP for each additional Attribute point -- it allows them to work towards that goal, but it will take FOREVER after an extra point or two and they'll be much more likely to work on skills/spells instead...

This provides them with the illusion of possible advancement (indeed, even the reality if they are remarkably lucky -- and disciplined in retaining XP for long periods of time without spending them on a handy skill or spell), but at the same time ensures you won't see much attribute bloat at all.

The magic items thing is always a danger of course -- especially with new GMs. The specter of the Monte Haul dungeon always crops up in those cases. (I was guilty of it too when I was a teenager!)
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