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Default Re: It would be nice to have some AD&D style demons and devils

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Well if it isn't vulnerable to Exorcism or attacks, I don't think it is meaningfully present in the campaign unless it is an indirect threat (which makes it no different from criminal overlords and evil emperors).
From my reading, that's the opposite of what he clarified his position to be; pardon me Anthony for putting words in your mouth, but it seemed his intent was that, at some point in the fight, it should become susceptible to plain old stabbing/bashing, rather than merely spells, Exorcism, or funky materials.

Now, I'm not sure I actually agree on that point, at least as a general rule. I'm personally fine with things like "only vulnerable to attacks by holy characters, or people with Bless on them" - which, recall, can get knocked off in a fight. Big nasty monsters needing some research or applied lore, and preparation, to conquer is only appropriate in my opinion. A more interesting way of adding a challenge to them than "more hit dice" or "more DR".

That said: going with something like Kromms pattern of an enemy that's virtually invulnerable until you do the McGuffin thing while in combat with it (steal its amulet, recite the summoning ritual backwards, kill all 13 cultists sustaining it) is a fun dramatic approach. An Exorcism is a perfectly good McGuffin thing here, too.
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