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Default Re: Mailanka's Musings -- GURPS Content Post

Some ideas for additional archetypes :)

Ego Communion.

The redeemed

You was a beast, you was in the wrong side of the community. Maybe you race is inherently evil, or you have been a former thief, or you have been a corrupted policeman, or you have dedicated you life to persecute the good people for wrong reasons. You are not more, you have seen the light and changed sides. You have the resolution of the converse. You know the paths of the enemy and you use this knowledge to fight against the evil. You don't use evil ways! But you have the "weapon of knowledge" in your arsenal as you know how the enemy thinks and reacts, their laws and their weakness.

Inspired by Angel from "Buffy", Saint Paul, Drizzt do Urden, ...

The white king

You are in charge. But with great power comes great responibility. You really cares for those under your position. Perharps, you disguise yourself to live as a commoner sometimes, to really understand their needs. You only choose your companions based on their merits and their moral. You don't care much about blood rights, or old traditions. However you do respect the old traditions as long as they are not bad for the common people. People really loves you, but sometimes you are very very far away for their real problems. This bothers and worries you.

It's not uncommon that the white king has a dark whisperer as a close friend! (see below)

Dark Communion.

The fallen hero

You should have been the hero of the history. You were destined to great deeds. The gods, or the prophets, or the scriptures seemed to point you as the new salviour... They were wrong! Or maybe you didn't understand well the signs. The fault was only yours. Your selfishness, your pride, your fears or your survival instincts made you take the wrong path. You probably was a good fellow at the beginning, but you are not longer one. You are now a traitor and a villain. Inspired in Lord Soth, Annakin, Saruman, and many others.

The fallen hero is the dark reflection of the redeemed.

The dark whisperer

You are the one with the real power, but you prefer not to show it directly. You are the dark whisperer, the good friend of the emperor, the counselor, the ambassador, the priest who gives confession, the retired teacher that gives advice to his former students. The people who knows about you fears you... but most people don't know who you are or your real power.

Inspired by Vampire the Masquerade "Lasombra" clan, Grima Wormtongue, Richelieu, and many others.
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